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AMD Graphics (amdgpu/radeon)

Talking about AMD (ATI) Graphic-Cards and how to find the right driver is a little tricky.

First lets ask what your system knows already about your Card:

lspci -nn | grep -E 'VGA|Display'

On this links you find info on AMD graphic cards and chipsets:

AMD Architecture and working driver:

GPU architectureRadeon cardsOpen-source driverProprietary driver
GCN 4 and newervariousAMDGPUAMDGPU PRO
GCN 2variousAMDGPU*/ATINot available
GCN 1variousAMDGPU*/ATINot available
TerraScale 2&3HD 5000 – HD 6000ATINot available
TerraScale 1HD 2000 – HD 4000 ATINot available
OlderX1000 and olderATINot available

Now choose the one fitting your hardware:

If you find out that your card is only supported by the radeon driver you do not need to install any driver ATI is already installed.

If your card is supported by AMDGPU install it:

sudo pacman -S xf86-video-amdgpu

If you have a hybrid GPU system with intel-amd gpu combination, get informed here:

Or read on the arch-wiki:

And gentoo wiki has some deep information in general about amdgpu and radeon:

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AMD Graphics (amdgpu/radeon)

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