Bad news, developers: Apple Mac App Store tells cross-platform Electron apps to get lost

Programmers who re-offend risk permanent exile from the fondleslab empire.

Developers of apps built with the cross-platform Electron framework say that Apple has started rejecting their applications during its Mac App Store review process, and has threatened cancellation of Apple Developer Accounts for repeated rules violations.

The issue was first raised in August and only affects Electron apps seeking Mac App Store Distribution. The problem received widespread attention following a developer blog post on Sunday.

Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines have long specified that applications may use only public APIs. The phone-and-computer maker maintains private APIs for its own usage, but it doesn’t support them for third-parties.

The off-limits APIs singled out by Apple include: CAContextCALayerHostNSAccessibilityRemoteUIElementNSNextStepFrameNSThemeFrame, and NSURLFileTypeMappings, among others.

Despite Apple’s warning, those making macOS apps sometimes risk crafting code that interacts with private APIs because they can distribute such apps themselves, outside of the Mac App Store.

The Chromium project, the open-source foundation of Google’s Chrome browser, is one prominent code base that talks to Apple’s private APIs. And Electron apps include Chromium as a runtime library.

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2 thoughts on “Bad news, developers: Apple Mac App Store tells cross-platform Electron apps to get lost

  • November 10, 2019 at 18:56

    Yet another example of Apple’s closed attitude towards allowing apps that are useful to users.

  • November 17, 2019 at 18:10

    Yikes, no matter what you think about Electron apps, this is kinda screwy…


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