“Class act” by Apple’s Phil Schiller

You might have noticed that Apple has released its new MacBookPro 16-inch, replacing its 15-inch line.

And with every product launch there comes banter towards the competition, no matter which company, it’s a part of the game.

Apple’s Phil Schiller went further than banter and made a generalised statement about the success rate of a student.

In an interview with CNET, Phil Schiller trashed down Chromebooks, their main competitor among students and the educational market, by stating that students aren’t going to be successful relying on a Chromebook.

After the interview, he tried to put more context to his statement with the following tweet:

“Every child has the ability to succeed — helping them to do that has always been our mission. In the full conversation with CNET, we discussed giving kids and teachers the content, curriculum and tools they need to learn, explore and grow. Not just to take a test.”

In other words, you’re going to be successful by using a Mac.

Apple is aiming at a high-end market but to make this claim from the solid ivory tower they’ve settled in, has put a reaction in motion on the internet.

Sure, it is a clever marketing technique, but REALLY Apple?!? Is this the message you want to send out in the world after a big credit crunch we just recovered from?!?

Great, buy a Mac and if you can’t afford it, add it on your student loan, because putting on your resume that you’ve studied using a Mac, will get you that successful job in the future… And the next credit crunch is born!

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