Rolling release distros suck!

‘I don’t understand why my printer doesn’t work all of a sudden, while in Ubuntu it has been working for years…’

‘You broke my wifi card while updating the system, typical for terminal loving developers!’

I think all rolling release distro developers come along these comments in their forum and our forum isn’t free of them either. I do understand these comments, nothing is more frustrating than when the system at this moment is running happily and smooth making you shout our love for us from the rooftops and then the next moment an update is causing havoc and most of the time it happens when you’re slightly tired or irritated at something that happened at work or you just had a spat with the neighbour about the new fence he’s planning to build.

I can’t sugarcoat the fact that running an Arch-based distro can cause problems once in a while. It is the price we are paying for having the latest and greatest.

These days there are easy solutions to roll back to the previous version like Timeshift and I highly recommend to roll back when an update causes havoc, either you choose to use a CLI or GUI solution for that.

Take a deep breath, rollback, search the forum and the internet and you’ll find out that you’re not the only one who has encountered this problem. When you’re lucky you’ll find a solution, otherwise (and this is the case most of the time) wait a day or maybe two to perform the update again. Whenever an update causes havoc, all the devs upstream are doing their best to solve the issue.

A lot of people are shouting that Arch and Arch-based systems are unstable but most of them also forget to mention that issues are handled with immense speed, sometimes within the hour.

Keep that in mind, the next time an update borked your system. It’s no use winding yourself up about it, this is the nature of a rolling release system. Just take a step back but whatever you do, don’t lash out to the people who are trying to help you or to the people who provided you with the OS.

All developers and community members feel your pain when your system doesn’t work and all of them don’t want anything else than to find a solution to get you up and running.

My request to you is to think twice before you start pointing fingers and burn someone else down when running a rolling release distro. We’re all in the same boat as developers, moderators and regular users.

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One thought on “Rolling release distros suck!

  • November 3, 2019 at 19:15

    I think a lot of people are reluctant to use rolling release type distributions because the use of conventional, proven systems is great. This is the case in many places in life. However, the great advantage of these systems is the freshness, and any bugs are discovered sooner. However, it has the disadvantage that less can be tested.


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