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Today I was sitting behind my laptop doing my work and the radio was playing in the background, nothing out of the ordinary.

The only thing that was out of the ordinary was a feeling inside me that was throbbing against my underbelly and its vibrations were banging in my throat.

No, I didn’t receive an unpleasant bill or had a dispute with a co-worker. I knew exactly why I was feeling this way and I always told myself not to give in to this feeling, just ignore it and it will blow away.

Lately, it’s a bit harder for me not to give in to that feeling, simply because this feeling is caused by a place that I consider a giving and enthusiastic community; The Linux community.

Haters gonna hate

We recently announced that our net-installer is on hold and I think we were very transparent in our communication towards the community.

From the moment we released the news, the “disappointed” reactions were pouring in my email and Telegram, and I use the term disappointed very loosely here. We are also disappointed not to bring you the net-installer on the promised date.

We are a bunch of Linux enthusiasts who like to bring the community an OS that is purely based on our love for the community.

This afternoon Taylor Swift was bouncing from my speakers telling me that I should ‘Shake it off’ and normally I do, but in a time when you’re facing challenges, it is hard to find the positivity in yourself.

Every morning I’m greeted with these “disappointment” messages and I thought it wouldn’t affect me, but I recently noticed that I was also lashing out to community members who are interested or are just raising concerns and want to help.

To all of them, I offer my sincere apologies and to all who are flexing their trolling muscles every day, I only have one thing to say.

Are you realising that the vast majority of the Linux distro’s out there are made by pure enthusiasts and each of them has their community with like-minded members? Yes, there are many distros out there, but every single one of them represents a unique community.

Let me make one thing very clear: You’re not going to troll me down, in the early nineties, I was an openly gay man in the military. Believe me; I had my fair share of nasty comments and rotten behaviour thrown at me and I survived them all, so I’ve seen/heard it all and you won’t get me down.

No, the thing that gets me is that we are offering a service that is close to a professional service based on the love for Linux. If we are not the distro for you then move on, why should you trash down a group of people who are trying to give Linux a face for a particular community?

It would’ve been easier if the trolling came from the Windows or Mac world, but it is coming from inside the Linux community and this behaviour has caused many projects to cease.

Come on, we all love Linux so what is with the hate? The Linux world is all about the community because, in the end, that is the factor we have in common: LINUX…

You don’t like this one, go and explore the others, because one of those distros has a community that suits you.

For the sake of the entire Linux community, don’t waste time to negativity, find that wonderful community and spread the love.

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Sometimes “Shake it off” doesn’t cut it

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