AMDGPU Gets Some Promising Fixes For Linux 5.4: Clang, Undervolting, Golden Settings

Written by Michael Larabel in Radeon on 30 October 2019 at 05:34 PM EDT. on Phoronix


While we are getting late into the Linux 5.4 cycle, there still is some interesting AMDGPU work settling down.

The latest batch of fixes today for the AMD Radeon Linux kernel graphics driver include:

– Updates for building the AMDGPU driver under LLVM Clang. With LLVM Clang 9.0 and Linux 5.3+ the kernel can build with mainline code-bases of each (finally Clang’ing the x86_64 mainline Linux kernel!), but AMDGPU has been one of the problematic modules running into issues. A few fixes to AMDGPU now should have it working properly with Clang.

– Updating of golden settings for Navi 12/14.

– GPU virtual memory fixes for Navi along with SDMA fixes and display fixes.

– A gamma handling fix for Display Core Next (DCN).

– A fix for under-volting on Vega 10 GPUs as the PowerPlay code up to now didn’t allow undervolting for the seventh performance state.

The complete list of these latest fixes here.

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