Arch announces changes in handling the official kernels

Arch has released an email informing their user base that the official kernels: Linux, Linux-lts and the hardened kernel aren’t shipped on boot by default anymore on an Arch install.

According to the devs, this brings more flexibility with an Arch install and it leaves the choice up to the user which kernel version can be installed and backwards compatibility is more guaranteed.

The kernels will be handled by mkinitcpio hooks, which still is a part of the Arch base install.

This weekend, the team also sent an email to their testing users, that mkinitcpio will be dropped in the future, because of lack in development and asked their userbase to try out Dracut to handle those tasks.

Since this is all in the testing phase, mkinitcpio will still be shipped.

These changes will not affect you as an EndeavourOS user, we are taking care of that and in the future, we will implement Dracut instead of mkinitcpio by the time it becomes official.

To read more on Dracut you can click the following link.

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