Brave browser releases first stable release

Today, the Brave browser hit a milestone by releasing their 1.0 version.

The privacy-first alternative to modern-day browsers, the project was built from scratch. Brave 1.0 comes with many unique features as:

Brave ads

Brave blocks all ads by default and is specifically designed to work right inside the browser, with the focus on privacy. This feature is build-in, instead of using an extension like many other browsers.

No user data is sent back to any remote server, all the ad matching operations are operated locally on the user’s device.

Brave also uses a new blockchain-based advertising model that rewards users with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for every ad they view.

Users can keep the BAT they earn in a wallet app built into the browser, convert it to other cryptocurrency or fiat currency, or they can donate it to the websites they like, via the Brave Rewards program.

Brave says that 70% of this ad network’s revenue goes back to its users, while the company keeps 30%.

Brave rewards

Brave Rewards is the most unique feature added to any of web browser today. The Rewards program allows users to donate some of the BAT tokens they make by viewing Brave ads to the websites they like the most.

They can choose to sent BAT to any website they like, or the websites they frequent the most — based on stats provided by Brave itself, based on the user’s browsing history.

More on the Brave Rewards program can be found in this documentation page, here.

Brave shields

Brave 1.0 also comes with a built-in ad blocker, anti-tracking, and anti-fingerprinting features that block online advertisers, analytics, and social media companies from bombarding users with ads and tracking users as they move across websites.

Brave Shields biggest benefit has been an improved performance. It lads much up to six times faster than other browsers and it also is light in use that translates into a larger battery life.

As of this moment of writing this article, Brave 1.0 isn’t available yet in the AUR but availability should be a matter of days.

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