COVID-19 tech-related news version March, 23rd

I can’t go on writing articles, without the elephant in the room, COVID-19 is dominating the news headlines and it is obviously clear that the tech world is also affected by it.

So here is some news the tech-world is taking concerning the crisis.


Earlier this month, Firefox released version 74. In this release, Mozilla dropped support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in an attempt to encourage the transition to more secure systems.

Since a lot of Governments didn’t update their websites to TLS 1.2 or TLS TLS 1.3, their websites wouldn’t work anymore under Firefox 74.

Therefore Mozilla reversed their decision since those websites are vital in informing the public surrounding COVID-19.

Mozilla has explained that the reversal is temporary and will most likely be disabled again once the Corona crisis is over.

Youtube and Netflix

People all over the world are advised or even have to work from home if possible. This has caused an increase in the bandwidth capacity of internet providers.

Since the crisis hits Europe hard at this moment, Youtube decided to stream their content in SD instead of the usual HD, to help avoid strains on the bandwidth in Europe.

Netflix has advised users to lower the quality of streaming, to do their bit during the crisis, but it is most likely the popular streaming service is going to follow Youtube’s example.

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