Explore your Endeavour

Welcome to the Discovery platform of EndeavourOS.

Here you can find articles and tutorials to enrich your experience on your EndeavourOS system, or any Arch-based distro actually.

It will be regularly updated with articles in relation to the system, Linux -and tech news, application spotlights you might have not heard before and community contributions.

The purpose of this platform is to have you informed on Linux and tech news and it is an easy to find resource tool for solutions and workarounds that are based on packages from the AUR as opposed to our Wiki that covers workarounds and tutorials based on packages in the Arch Repos.

It also gives you the opportunity to share your workarounds, self-created packages and tutorials or even improve your writing skills as an aspiring blogger or writer.

Don’t be shy, we will help you to transfer your idea into a readable article if you wish to. Just contact me (Bryanpwo) on the forum or on Telegram with a private message.

Enjoy your exploration of your Endeavour.

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