Firefox 71 small release with an interesting feature

In comparison with Firefox 70 the upcoming Firefox 71 isn’t going to be an as big update, but it brings a couple of interesting new features, such as a new kiosk mode that allow you to open the web browser directly in full-screen mode without any other distractions. This is mostly useful for companies who want to use on their kiosks and can be enabled via the –kiosk command-line parameter.

Another interesting feature that will land as part of the upcoming Firefox 71 web browser is Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode on Windows systems, which lets users pop a video out of its webpage into a floating window that can be resized and placed on top of all windows and in any part of your desktop.

On top of that, Firefox 71 promises a redesigned about:config internal configuration page, a new, easier to use Certificate Viewer that brings more features and more detailed information,  and a new server-timing information in DevTools’ Network panel to allow web developers to analyze server-related timings in the context of other request and response details.

Firefox is scheduled for release on December 3rd.

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