Fix-the-internet Spring MVP lab by Mozilla

Mozilla has announced a new event called Fix-the-internet Spring MVP lab and they need your help. The purpose of this event is to help the organization “fix the Internet” and develop the distributed Web 3.0.

It will be a one-day event, to give coders, creators, and people committed to improving technologies the chance to work together on building and testing new products. Mozilla stated:

“By energizing a community of creators who bring a hacker’s approach to vibrant experimentation, Mozilla aims to help find sustainable solutions and startup ideas around several key themes designed to fix the internet,”

According to the official rules of the event, participants will have to work in teams of two to four people and will be allowed to retain the ownership of their projects and intellectual property.

The event will focus on specific key themes such as, fighting misinformation, fake news, abusive data collection, AI and a social networking concept to come up with a more efficient way to communicate online.

Mozilla Co-Founder and Interim CEO Mitchell Baker stated:

“The health of the internet and online life is why we exist, and this is a first step toward ensuring that Mozilla and the web are here to benefit society for generations to come.” 

Up to $25000,- worth prizes

With this event, Mozilla is aiming for more exposure to get more users attracted to their projects.

To attract more participants, the organization is giving the opportunity to each participant to win prizes of up to $25000,- and a chance to get promoted by Mozilla itself.

You can register until April 6th, further details are available over here.

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