Google adjusts release schedule for Google-Chrome

Google announced earlier this month that they would adjust the release schedule of their Google-Chrome browser, to give the developers the chance to adjust to the effects of the Coronavirus in their lives.

Although the browser has a notorious reputation, especially in the Open-source community, a lot of users in our community use Chrome or it’s derivatives as Brave or Vivaldi and it’s Open-source project Chromium, Google’s decision will affect those projects also.

Critical updates

The upcoming week, Chrome 80 will receive a couple of critical fixes and security updates. This will be followed by the release of Chrome 81 in the second week of April.

Chrome 82 cancelled

Due to the decision Google made, to give its developers more air to adjust on the measurements taken by the Coronavirus, version 82 is cancelled. Chrome 81 will be followed by version 83 in mid-May.

As usual, the updates will appear in the AUR or the Arch repo, if you’re a Chromium user.

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