Improved Linux support for Chrome OS

Before you start shouting at me, I know I’m writing about Google and I’m aware of the privacy concerns, but we can’t deny that Google has brought Linux to the masses with Android and Chrome OS. That’s why I think they belong in the Linux news category as well.

For the new release of Chrome OS version 78, Google has improved Linux support and Google promises support for saving and restoring backups of your Linux files and apps locally, on external storage, or in the cloud on your Google Drive account.

Virtual desktops and Click-to-Call

The main new feature for Chrome OS users is the addition of virtual desktops, a feature not new in the Linux world but Google is finally catching up.

It allows the user to create four easily switchable work environments, to be more productive. This function can be operated with touch, mouse, trackpad and keyboard shortcuts. The last option is also a new feature for this release.

The other new feature is Click-to-Call, which lets Android phone users make phone calls more easily by right-clicking a phone number when browsing the web on their Chromebook computer. This feature requires a Google account and Chrome Sync to be enabled on both your Chromebook and the Android smartphone.

For more info on their release, you can read more on their blog.

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