KDE Plasma 5.18, what to expect?

The next major KDE Plasma desktop is reaching version 5.18 and is expected to be released early 2020.

Among the enhancements, KDE mentions the ability to select and remove multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously, support for KSysGuard to display stats for Nvidia graphics hardware, and a new “Home” button in System Settings that will take users back to the main page.

Several pages in System Settings have been updated as well, including the General Behavior page, which now has a global animation speed slider for controlling the speed of all animations or for turning them off, and the “Defaults” button in the System Settings’ Fonts page was improved to work as expected.

Furthermore, the System Settings’ Baloo file search page has been rewritten and it now features a brand-new QML-based user interface that paves the way to more enhancements, and the cursor now changes its appearance in System Settings to match what’s beneath it and offers users a preview of the cursor’s animated effect. Improved full-screen windows on X11 and Wayland

KDE Plasma 5.18 also promises improvements when moving or resizing full-screen windows on X11 and Wayland, a more streamlined display style and look of Plasma Audio Volume’s applet and its respective System Settings page, as well as the ability to search for widgets and add-ons from Discover’s main Features page again.

Among other improvements, we can mention that the Weather widget was updated as well to be able to display pressure in “millimetres of mercury,” Digital Clock’s settings window now displays an inline preview for the configured time format, and the Touchpad system tray applet will no longer stay open after losing focus.

KDE Plasma 5.18 will also allow users to hide the clock on the lock screen until the password prompt appears, implement support in Discover for repairing the host operating system when an update operating fails during offline updates, and make the left- and right-clicking behaviour on System Tray icons after hiding and showing them more reliable.

The estimated release date of KDE Plasma 5.18 will be on February 11th 2020 and shall hit the Arch repo very shortly after their initial release.

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