LibreOffice 6.4 is out

LibreOffice released the 6.4 version today as their first release in their tenth anniversary year. This release contains a lot of improvements and bug fixes.

A new feature in this release is a QR code generator, which technically makes it easier for users to add QR codes in their documents. The QR codes can then be scanned with a mobile phone for links and other information.

Another update that’s worth to mention is the hyperlink context menus to display the same options regardless of the app you’re using, for uniformity. So beginning with this release, there are four hyperlink options, namely Open Hyperlink, Edit Hyperlink, Copy Hyperlink Location and Remove Hyperlink.

Amongst the other updates are an improved help section which now includes localized screenshots and improved search results.

Also, Writer now features a table panel in the sidebar and a new Paste Special menu with an option called Paste as Nested Table. Comments can also be marked as resolved.

Calc now supports exporting spreadsheets to a single PDF page, while Impress & Draw received a new option called Consolidated Text in the Shape menu. It combines multiple selected text boxes into a single one. This is useful if you’re importing a PDF and the text content is split across many boxes.

LibreOffice 6.4 will hit the Arch repo very soon.

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