Linux 5.8, The biggest release of all time, is released

The long-awaited Linux kernel 5.8 is released and according to Linus Torvalds, it is the biggest release of all time. To match your expectations to reality, this kernel release doesn’t ship with much eye candy focuses more on major technical changes. Kernel 5.8 is packed with a lot of support for drivers, security and the usual optimizations.

Highlighted changes

  • Spectre mitigations fixes – This fixes the issue that the mitigation affected also AMD CPUs for no reason and is backported to the stable kernel releases as well.
  • Improved Radeon driver support – amongst the improvements are, encrypted vRAMs enabled with the help of TMZ (Trusted Memory Zone) support on AMDGPU kernel driver and improvements on dealing with critical thermal faults. When the GPU goes above the recommended temperature, the driver will shut down for security reasons.
  • AMD energy driver – Provides energy reports on per-socket/per-core for Zen/Zen2 CPUs.
  • New ARM SoCs support – New SoCs added like the Realtek RTD1195.
  • Improved DAX support – Improvements for Intel’s Optane memory to speed things up on the system, the improved DAX code will allow the persistent memory to directly access files without needing the page cache.
  • Improved Thunderbolt support – Support for Intel Tiger Lake and Thunderbolt support for non-x86 systems like ARM.

For the full list of improvements and changes, you can read this Phoronix article.

Availability on Arch

At the moment of writing this article, kernel 5.8 hasn’t hit the Arch testing repo yet, but this will happen within the next couple of days.

As usual, we can expect this exciting kernel release to hit the stable repo within two weeks. For users who are using the Nvidia drivers from the AUR, we advice you to wait a couple of days before updating to this kernel. Those driver updates for this kernel usually will be available within days after kernel 5.8 hits the stable repo.

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