Linux kernel 5.4 not shipping with two features

Due to a bug, some of the Coffee Lake CPU’s have a skewed HPET timer when entering the PC10 power state and that in turn marks the time stamp counter (TSC) as unstable.

Despite several bug-reports, Intel didn’t take care of the bug. That’s why this feature will be disabled in the Kernel version 5.4.

Another feature that was bumped off for the upcoming Kernel release is VirtualBox Shared Folder (VBOXSF) Linus Torvald made this decision recently stating:

“This went into staging in rc7. It turns out that was a mistake, and apparently it wasn’t even supposed to go there at all, but be introduced as a regular filesystem. We don’t try to sneak in whole new filesystems this late in the rc, just delete the whole thing, and it can be re-introduced as a proper patch with proper acks from actual filesystem people instead of some odd late-rc staging back-door.” on a note he sent.

This doesn’t mean it is bumped indefinitely, VBOXSF might as well be returning in Kernel 5.5.

The expected release date for Kernel 5.4 is November 27th.

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