Linux kernel 5.6 release candidate is out

Sunday, March 22nd, Linus Torvalds released Linux kernel 5.6-rc7 as the release candidate in an email he explained:

“The world around us may be going through strange times, but at least
so far kernel development looks normal.”

Nothing stands out

For the next kernel release, we don’t have to expect exciting changes, most likely due to the development the Coronavirus crisis is causing.

He explains further:

“Nothing really stands out, it’s all pretty small. I’m going to be
optimistic, and say that it’s because we’re nicely on track for a
normal calm release, but obviously it may be partly because everybody
is distracted by virus worries. But I haven’t seen anything that looks
hugely worrisome on the kernel side.”

Besides the usual updates such as drivers: GPU, MMC, staging, IIO,
USB and sound, there are some VM fixes, some arch updates,
documentation and tooling (mostly turbostat).

It looks like the release schedule for Linux is rolling as usual.

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