Mozilla announces the formation of the Bytecode Alliance

Today Mozilla announced the formation of the Bytecode Alliance, a new industry partnership coming together to forge WebAssembly’s outside-the-browser future by collaborating on implementing standards and proposing new ones. Our founding members are Mozilla, Fastly, Intel and Red Hat.

On their blog they explain: “We have a vision of a WebAssembly ecosystem that is secure by default, fixing cracks in today’s software foundations. And based on advances rapidly emerging in the WebAssembly community, we believe we can make this vision real.”

Their goal with this assembly is to put in solid, secure foundations that can make it safe to use untrusted code, no matter where it’s running on, whether on the cloud, natively on someone’s desktop, or even on a tiny IoT device.

“As an industry, we’re putting our users at risk more and more every day. We’re building massively modular applications, where 80% of the code base comes from package registries like npm, Pypy, and

Making use of these flourishing ecosystems isn’t bad. In fact, it’s good!

The problem is that current software architectures weren’t built to make this safe, and bad guys are taking advantage of that… at a dramatically increasing rate.” Mozilla explains further on their blog.

To create a safer environment on the web, Mozilla hopes to reach more companies and individuals to join the alliance.

You can read more on their blog.

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