OpenTitan an open-source chip design with security in mind

OpenTitan is a collaboration of ETH Zurich, G+D Mobile Security, Nuvoton Technology, Western Digital and Google to develop and create an open-source chip with security in mind.

With this project, they’re aiming at a trustworthy chip design which is open and transparent for use in data centres, storage and other computer peripherals. Due to the open-source structure, anyone can check the hardware for security vulnerabilities and backdoors.

The chip itself is based on the already developed Titan chip from Google, which they use for their multi-factor security keys and their Google phone line. Critical to the chip’s success is its root-of-trust technology, which cryptographically ensures that the chip hasn’t been tampered with. Root-of-trust provides a solid foundation for the operating system and applications running on the chip.

According to Google OpenTitan will be platform-agnostic and can be adapted to almost any device or software.

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