Proton 4.11-8 by ValveSoftware brings an important update

Steam Play became the standard in the Linux world to play Windows games on Linux, although more Games are becoming available to run on Linux natively.

The Proton 4.11-8 version ships with VK3D to support Direct3D 12 over Vulkan implementation, although with limitations.

Also for Direct3D 10/11, DXVK 1.4.4 is the latest update and D9VK is incorporated at version 0.30 for Direct3D 9 over Vulkan. In addition to the Direct3D graphics API handling changes, Proton 4.11-8 has improvements to help the Rockstar Games launcher and more specifically Grand Theft Auto 5, better controller support for select games, Devil May Cry is now playable with this new build, less disk space is used by Proton, Wine and other libraries are shipped with debug symbols removed, and other components like FAudio and Wine-Mono have been updated.

To read more on Proton 4.11-8 you can visit their Github page.

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