Qt 5.14 is ready for next week’s release

The Qt company is preparing to release Qt 5.14 next week.

This release will ship with adding a graphics API independent scenegraph renderer, a new high-level 3D API for creating 3D content for user-interfaces out of Qt Quick without the need for any external engine. Qt Quick 3D will make use of the renderer currently employed by the Qt 3D STUDIO.

The company hopes Qt Quick 3D will provide unified graphics support, an easy-to-use API, unified tooling with the existing Qt Quick, cross-platform performance/compatibility, and other features. Qt Quick 3D will be rendered on the back-end by Vulkan, Metal, Direct3D, or OpenGL depending upon the platform. This new Qt Quick 3D API isn’t a replacement for the existing Qt 3D.

Better HiDPI support

With Qt, there will be better HiDPI support for dealing with today’s modern high pixel density displays. Some of the Qt 5.14 HiDPI improvements include support for fractional device pixel ratios, supporting per-screen DPIs more throughout the tool-kit, configuration API clean-ups, platform plug-in additions, an API for setting the rounding policy for the scaling factor, and expanding the supported environment variables for testing the functionality.

There will also be improvements to Qt 3D threading, support for GStreamer OpenGL with Qt Multimedia, the introduction of the Qt Quick Timeline, an updated Qt WebEngine, Qt for Automation updates, and much more as outlined on the Qt Wiki.

Qt 5.14 is scheduled to be released on December 12th.

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