Thunderbird 68.3.0 released

Mozilla has released the new version of their email client Thunderbird today.

While the new features that are being added in version updates aren’t necessarily substantial, they do contribute to Thunderbird better responding to the needs of users running modern operating systems.

For example, Mozilla Thunderbird 68.0.3 fully supports the message display toolbar action WebExtension API, which was first introduced in Thunderbird 71. Mozilla explains:

“It is similar to Firefox’s browser Action API and can be combined with the message display API to determine the currently displayed message. Use toolbar actions to put icons in the mail window toolbar. In addition to its icon, a toolbar action can also have a tooltip, a badge, and a popup.”More bug fixes

This version also refines the navigation buttons, which are now available in content tabs.

There are also lots of fixes, including for the toolbar buttons of add-ons in the menubar not showing up after the startup and the scam link confirmation panel not working correctly.

Thunderbird 68.3.0 shall hit the Arch repo soon.

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