Vivaldi 2.10 released with extra customization

The major change in the Vivaldi 2.10 release is about the web browser changing its UA (User Agent) string, which would identify it as a supported Chromium web browser on numerous websites where Vivaldi was not supported before, such as Google Docs or Netflix, because it was blocked by the competition.

As such, after updating to Vivaldi 2.10, users will be able to smoothly browse all those websites without any incompatibility issues. For more technical details about why Vivaldi is changing its user agent, we recommend checking out the video attached below and a more in-depth blog by Vivaldi’s QA Lead, Ruarí Ødegaard.

“The primary reason to show Vivaldi in the user agent is a level of pride. That pride, however, is hurting us, as our competitors and others are using this to block us from their services,” says Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner. “That is why with today’s update, we’ve drawn a line in the sand so that you can browse more websites without a glitch.”New customization options, other improvements

Vivaldi 2.10 also introduces new customization options to let users change Vivaldi’s theme to match the one of the host operating systems, be it either Light or Dark theme. To take advantage of this new feature and make Vivaldi follow the default system theme, users will need to go to Settings > Themes > Scheduled Themes > Use Operating System Theme.

Other than that, Vivaldi 2.10 continue to improve the overall experience for users by adding more tweaks in keyboard handling, improvements in the Address Bar layout, improvements in extension toggling, as well as improvements in Quick Commands.

Vivaldi 2.10 is available in the AUR.

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