Vivaldi 2.9 release comes with improved menu and snappier performance

Vivaldi Technologies have released today the Vivaldi 2.9 web browser, a release that adds various improvements.

Based on the latest Chromium 78.0.3904.72 open-source web browser, Vivaldi 2.9 is here one and a half months after Vivaldi 2.8 to add a bunch of enhancements to the Vivaldi Menu in an attempt to make it more flexible, intuitively, and faster than ever before.

These include the ability to access custom Web Panels from the top menu, including websites added to Vivaldi’s sidebar, and the ability to access the Tab Bar with a simple click, as well as to hide it for more screen real estate.

Furthermore, Vivaldi Menu now lets users right-click it to access a context menu when viewing a bookmark and perform various actions with it, and report bugs more easily, straight from Vivaldi’s Help menu.

“Creating effective navigation is crucial for browsing. At Vivaldi, we look into every aspect of the browser to ensure better usability and performance. Good navigation should be intuitive and easy to use,” says Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner. Global default site permissions, performance improvements

Also new in Vivaldi 2.9 are new settings under Settings > Web Pages > Default Permissions that allow users to set global default preferences per website for requests based on Bluetooth devices, camera, geolocation, microphone, motion sensors, pop-ups, as well as sound.

Vivaldi also improved the usability for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean users by addressing some IME (Input Method Editor) issues in the Address Bar.

After upgrading to Vivaldi 2.9, users will also notice that the web browser performs better, and that opening and closing of tabs feels much snappier.

Vivaldi 2.9 already is available in the AUR.

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