Volunteering Bughunters asked for Firefox

After the unfortunate layoffs, Mozilla had to perform recently, the company is now seeking the help of volunteers to hunt down bugs, especially for the Firefox nightly builds.

In a recent email, Mozilla is emphasizing the fact that being a volunteer in this project, the participant will learn more about the browser and gives you an opportunity to learn and interact with code you’re not necessarily familiar with.

In the same email the company explains:

“Due to the recent layoffs the nightly crash triage roster has a lot of holes so if you have some spare cycles please come and help out! Nightly crash triage consists in looking at the crashes for a specific version of nightly (e.g. the previous week Monday build), catching regressions and filing them. Usually, it takes no more than 30 minutes per week and is a good way to learn more about Firefox internals and interact with code you’re not necessarily familiar with. We’ve got detailed documentation to get you started. We’ll be adding more docs about tools that make the job easier. We’ve got four slots to fill ATM but in the lucky case there’s more candidates than slots we’re happy to rotate.”

The slots Mozilla is talking about is explained in the NightlyCrashTriage wiki page, where they explain the roster of Firefox Nightly builds.

The company was forced to lay off 70 employees due to the slow growth of its subscription-based products, preventing the company from spending more money than comes in.

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