Wine 5.5 and Wine-staging 5.5 released

The popular Windows app emulator Wine has released version 5.5 with a lot of bugfixes and some new features.

The new features that are shipped in this release are:

  • Builtin libraries use the new UCRTBase C runtime.
  • Compatibility mode used when reporting Windows version.
  • Better support for debug information in PE files.
  • Support for linguistic case mappings.
  • More attributes supported in WebServices.

Some bugfixes are:

  • Multiple Microsoft product installers fail due to missing shell app path expansion (Visual Studio .NET 2002, 2003, Visual Foxpro 9.0)
  • Multiple applications need IAudioEndpointVolume::GetMasterVolumeLevelScalar method implementation (Cisco IP Communicator, Cairo Shell v0.3.x)
  • Multiple games have broken rendering (Sniper Elite V2, Sniper Elite 3, F1 2012)
  • Firefox 74.0 crashes instantly: Call to unimplemented function WS2_32.dll.WSCGetProviderInfo, aborting

For the full list of bug fixes, you can read them over here.


Almost simultaneously with the stable version, WineHQ also released Wine-staging 5.5.

The release isn’t as packed as the stable release, but the new features shipped are:

  • Winemenubuilder should respect existing defaults for filetype associations.
  • winmm: Use _lopen to avoid the 128 character path limit.

Some fixes are:

  • wineqtdecoder: Fix compilation.
  • wined3d: Implement dual-source blending.

The full list of Wine-staging 5.5 is over here.

Both Wine 5.5 and Wine-staging 5.5 are available on the AUR.

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