Xorg-server 1.20.8 released

Xorg-server 1.20.8 has been released and it ships with a handful of fixes such as:

  • a couple of fixes for XWayland.
  • xf86-video-modesetting driver now disables atomic mode-setting by default due to bugs.
  • os: Ignore dying client in ResetCurrentRequest

The full list of fixes is available over here.

Version 1.21

Version 1.20 is running for almost two years now and since Red Hat has now put Xorg in maintenance mode to focus more on Wayland, it is unclear when version 1.21 will see the light of day, even though the version is mentioned being worked on every few months.

With Red Hat now being actively on board of Wayland and Desktop Environments are starting to adopt it by default, the EOL of Xorg could be sooner than we thought.

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