Zstd compression is ready for rollout

Arch-Linux already announced that they were going to implement Facebooks compression technique Zstandard, a decompression technique that’s up to 30% faster and reliable than its competition.

Zstd is still in the testing repo but a public email has been sent around that the system is ready for rollout and will not need any manual intervention.

An Arch coder named coderob emailed the following:

We have just tested and released everything necessary for zstd packages in our repos.

Right now, the updated devtools is still in [testing],
but our preliminary testing shows that nothing immediately combusted on release, so I'm confident.

Once it has left testing, packages built with devtools will automatically use zstd with the correct options.

There is no intervention necessary, this should be an essentially transparent process. 

It seems that this transition will be seamless, keep an eye out on our forum for any experience reports. I will certainly post one.

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