Pinta an easier alternative to Gimp

These days, making a snapshot isn’t exactly rocket science anymore and with your trusty smartphone in your pocket or bag, gone are the days of towing around an extra device to make them.

Even though we don’t have to wait days to see if that photo turned out to be as you expected, sometimes a picture needs a little enhancing.

Through time, I have found my way through Gimp, but when I saw it the first time I was a bit overwhelmed by the abundance of functions it ships with.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a wonderful and powerful application, but for an average user who only wants to remove the redness out of your kid’s eyes, it can almost discourage you to get into it.

The developers of Pinta have heard those calls and they’ve come up with a solution. An image and drawing tool that ships with the most requested features, making it look less daunting at first sight.

For that quick and easy touch-up you need, to make that romantic sunset from your recent holiday to spark more, so your friends and family understand why you did your proposal over there, it is perfect!

It works very intuitively and you can make every picture you took pop in an instant.

If you want to give Pinta a spin, it is available in the AUR.

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