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Boost up your knowledge during the exploration of your Endeavour

This is the EndeavourOS knowledge base, the place where you can find our ever-growing wiki articles and some in-depth articles to expand your knowledge for both x86-64 and ARM-based systems.

To enhance the experience, you can also find video tutorials from the Youtube channels Distrotube, Chris Titus Tech, Eric Adams and EF Linux all in one place. The videos of these renowned content creators are here to add an extra layer of convenience in your search for solutions, helping to boost up your knowledge and confidence so you can persevere in the challenges your journey can bring.

So put on your jet pack to get ready for your spacewalk and enjoy the full Endeavour experience with Discovery at your side. And just remember, don’t hesitate to ask for help on our forum, Telegram or Reddit page if something isn’t clear for you, the community is your living and breathing lifeline, no matter how far you’ve ventured in the exploration of your Endeavour.


ACPI kernel parameters

Articles related to the kernel.


Articles related to apps like Timeshift, Flatpak, etc.


Tutorials on how to set up EndeavourOS ARM.


Various in-depth articles.


Articles on general sound, Pulseaudio and Pipewire.


Explanation about the AUR and a yay tutorial.


Articles for setting up Bluetooth and wireless audio related articles.

hibernate BTRFS


Tutorials for BTRFS.

Desktop environments

Removing, adding and improving performance Linux DEs and articles about display managers.

Encrypted installation

How to install EndeavourOS with encryption, LUKS and LUKS on BTRFS.

EndeavourOS tools

Articles on our own EOS tools and a community guideline for our social media channels.

Forum log tool option

An easy tool to help the forum community solve issues.


How to set up EndeavourOS for Gamers.

Grub and Refind

Articles on Grub and the alternative to Grub, Refind.


A tutorial to lower power consumption and cooling.


Articles on our Live ISO, Calamares and more.

Intel GPU

An article related to the Intel integrated GPU.


Articles related to troubleshooting various network issues.


Articles on Nvidia GPU.


Articles to give you a better understanding of Pacman and its commands.


A how-to on installing printers on EndeavourOS.

Signature and keyring

Article on what to do when Pacman warns you about signature and keyring issues.

Storage and partitions

Various articles to prolong or troubleshoot your HDD, SSD, NVME.

System rescue

Troubleshooting the system using Arch-chroot etc.

Video tutorials

Various video tutorials by Chris Titus Tech, Eric Adams and EFLinux.

Window managers

Articles on several Window Managers.