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by Jonathon

The Arch User Repository (AUR) is a collection of user-submitted package description files ( PKGBUILDfiles). These description files can be used to create package archive files ( .pkg.tar.zst files).

These PKGBUILD files can be used by an AUR helper (e.g. yay , aurman , Pamac) or manually built using makepkg. The resulting package archive file can then be installed in the normal way.

All content on the AUR is uploaded by ordinary users and very little checking of their content is done – it is up to you to verify the content is safe to use.

The best (most detailed and accurate) source of information about the AUR is the Arch wiki page: 

Please read it – especially the AUR FAQ 3 section. There’s no need to repeat it all here. 

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[FAQ] What is the AUR?

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