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Install EndeavourOS full-disk-encryption with swapfile, as the only OS on a Notebook/Laptop (mobile used systems) or on your Desktop.

If you want to create a dual-boot first get knowledge on how to do this.

This tutorial is for installing EndeavourOS as the only OS on the device.

Boot the Live ISO

Start the installer:

Choose if you want offline install with default XFCE4 EndeavourOS themed, or online method where you can choose Desktop Environment:

Read our Preliminary information!

The guided installer (Calamares) starts now together with a terminal that shows the install log live while installing.

Select your Language
Installer Log terminal output
Your Region will mostly be detected automatic, if not choose region and zone manually
By default, Calamares selects the keyboard model corresponding your region, but you can change this to fit your hardware, just try it out if the selection is right.
Double-check your chosen partitions in the partition screen, and make sure you’ve chosen the right hard-disk for your installation!

At the partition screen, choose the hard disk of your choice to install EndeavourOS .

Click erase disk, and choose Swap to file, mark to Encrypt System.

Enter a secure password you can remember (twice)

[Choose only letters and numbers, this will be sufficient as the prompt on bootup is only in US-English!]

Click next:

user creation and options

Enter your name, username and user password, then enable autologin if desired and choose if you want te the same password for user and admin (root).

For security reason, I would not recommend autologin on a mobile device, but you can enable it if you want to. If the system is turned off and switched on again, it will need the encryption passphrase before booting, so it is convenient not to choose a desktop login password…

Click next:

Summary of your set up for installation, read again and double-check again…
confirm to install
install process is started

Now the installer will perform all the steps to create partitions, encrypt the full system and install chosen Desktop Environment.

When the installer is ready with the installation mark to Restart now and click Done.

The system will now reboot into decryption phrase prompt:

The system including the Grub bootloader is secured.

Enter your encryption passphrase (keep in mind that the prompt does not have the possibility to change the keyboard to another one then default US-Englisch so it doesn’t recognize local punctuation marks)

if you decrypt filesystem grub will boot into system!

Your system is now in a secure state so if someone steals your laptop/notebook it does not matter if the device is off or suspended, your data is encrypted!

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