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Our installation medium is already very stable and covers some hardware-specific peculiarities, but it is not an egg-laying wool milk sow.

Slow Internet unstable Connections:

In some places, you do have not that stable internet connection, or you are connected over Wifi with a bad bandwidth. Another reason can be restrictions from ISP so that you can not reach servers.

We have some implementations built in to detect and rank mirrors but the procedure is known to not work in some parts of the world where you have only some not stable mirrors (India, Pakistan, Brazil p.e.).

In this case, the best to do is to use the “update mirrors” tool from the welcome application:

Make sure the resulting mirrorlist has at least 8 mirrors showing up, and save it.

Now start the installer and you will be able to install via the online option.

Installer can not create partition:

In some cases, it is a good thing to delete the partitions you want to use for EndeavorOS before starting the installation. You can simply use Gparted, which you can start with the button in the welcome app or via the menu of the live environment.

After erasing them or create a structure you want to use you can start the installer from the Welcome app and follow instructions. You can use them if you choose Manually partitioning. If not, then create partitions automatically by choosing to erase disk.

Install one of the Community Editions

If you want to install one of the non-default Community Editions created by users like you, take a look at what they provide here:

A short video on how to install them here:

How to install Community Editions

For encrypted installation go here:

We also have an article on encrypted installation.

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