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By Manuel

The Realtek r8168 Ethernet card may (or may not!) work properly with the default r8169 kernel module. Thus EndeavourOS installs the r8168 package by default. r8618 package contains the r8618 kernel module. Package r8168 also blacklists r8169.

But on some machines the r8168 may not work properly. To use the r8169 kernel module instead, you can either uninstall package r8168 or blacklist r8168 kernel module by running the following command:

sed -i /usr/lib/modprobe.d/r8168.conf -e 's|r8169|r8168|'

and reboot.

If the reverse is true (r8169 does not work), then simply reinstall r8168:

sudo pacman -S r8168

Then reboot.

Note: blacklisting r8169 by default may change in the future versions of the EndeavourOS ISO. Then r8168 will be installed and blacklisted. To use r8168, simply reinstall it as shown above.

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r8168 workaround

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