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How to use sudo su root | sudo no password | visudo

This video goes over how to use sudo su root or use sudo no password to avoid getting prompted all the time. It covers why people new to Linux like to use sudo su and why this messes up their installs.

Learning the Terminal commands pt.1

In this video, I go over 15 Useful Linux Commands Every Linux User Needs in my Learning Terminal Series. 15 Commands are explained in this video of part 1 and will be introducing EVEN MORE commands in part 2. However, before that, you have to know these 15 as they are vital to everyday life in Linux Terminal.

Learning the Terminal commands pt.2

Here are 11 More Linux commands every linux user needs in Learning Terminal Part 2.

Custom GRUB boot menu

In this video, I show you how to make a custom boot menu with graphics in GRUB2.

Symbolic links in Linux

In this video, I go over Symbolic links in Linux. I use symlink for anything where I need certain files to show up at a spot in the file system. This can be incredible useful for linking game save file that you might share through an online cloud storage service like Dropbox without moving the file.

Wayland vs. Xorg

This video goes over what Wayland and Xorg do. It pits Wayland vs Xorg but each has their place. I also break down what the differences are between them and my personal experiences with each.

Filesystems BTRFS, ZFS, EXT4

Let’s go over File Systems in this video. We will determine which one is the best ZFS, BTRFS, and EXT4. Each one might work for you based on YOUR needs!

Terminal commands lesson 1

In our first tutorial on terminal commands and their usage, we will discuss the following: pwd, cd, ls, man…and we will also talk about the –help flag. We learn how to change directories and move around in our system, how to list contents of directories, and (most importantly) how to view manpages.

Terminal command lesson 2

In this part of our terminal commands series of videos, we discuss how to make, move, copy and delete files and directories using the following commands: touch, mkdir, mv, cp, rm, rmdir.

Terminal command lesson 3

In this video on terminal commands and their usage I take a look at a few commands you can use to search for programs on your system and search for files. I discuss the which, whereis, locate and find commands.

Terminal commands lesson 4

In this video I show you how to create and edit text documents from the terminal. The commands covered include the cat and echo commands as well as the text editors nano and vi(m).

Managing processes

In this video I am going to have a look at how we can manage processes by using the Top utility, which comes preinstalled on every Linux system.

Basic permissions

In this video I am going to talk about basic permissions for files and directories in Linux.


In this video I am going to cover the basics of SSH and SFTP on Linux. It is by no means a full video on the topic, but it should be enough to get you started!

Encrypting a secondary drive/partition

In this video I am going to encrypt a partition on a second drive. The procedure is not too complex, and it can be handy in certain situations.

General Linux tutorials

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