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Antivirus for Linux

Do you need Antivirus for Linux? In this video, I go over Linux security and best practices for desktop Linux users out there.

Installing Firewall using IP tables

In this video, I go over how to set up a firewall on Linux using the built-in iptables that is in every Linux distribution. SSH Tarpit is something many people miss.

Arch Linux basic maintenance

NOTE 1: at 09:30​ pacman -Qtdq or pacman -Qtdq doesn’t make any difference. It’s just the order of the switches are different, but the effect is the same.

NOTE 2: at 09:35​ in the fish shell you can write sudo pacman -Rns (pacman -Qtdq) without the $ before the opening parenthesis.

In this video I am going through the tasks I perform to maintain my Arch Linux installation. These are just a few steps I perform regularly. It is important to read through the Arch Wiki and find which routine you need for your PC.

Arch Wiki Maintenance:…

Arch Wiki Pacman:…

NOTE: Sorry about the typo at 08:00​. The zone is obviously libvirt.

In this video we’re going to install and explore Firewalld, a powerful firewall utility for Linux. We are going to see how it works from the CLI, the GUI and from the Cockpit.

Arch Wiki:…

Tuning the system with Tuned

In this video I am going to explore the Tuned service. Installed by default on RHEL and CentOS, it is a system tuning service for Linux. It monitors connected devices using the udev device manager, tunes system settings according to a selected profile and supports various types of configuration like sysctl, sysfs, or kernel boot command line parameters, which are integrated in a plug-in architecture.

AUR Package:…​ RedHat docs:

Resetting Arch Linux

In this video I am going to show you how you can “reset” Arch Linux to the base system if your system becomes unstable, or you want to change DE or WM (although it’s possible to have multiple DE’s and WM’s in one installation). I wanted to use my personal project on GitLab as it contains all the packages I usually install in the base. The only data I changed are the passwords, which were replaced with “new” ones.

Arch Wiki:…

The Cockpit, a systemd web based UI monitoring tool

In this video I am going to install the Cockpit. The Cockpit is a systemd web based user interface for Linux servers, but can be used on desktops as well to monitor the system and change settings from a GUI.

Arch Linux package:…

The Cockpit Project:


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