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systemd-boot Overview Systemd-boot is a simple UEFI boot manager that is part of systemd. It has several advantages over other boot managers: EndeavourOS uses kernel-install… Read More »systemd-boot



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Dracut Overview dracut is a highly modular tool for generating initramfs images. As of the Cassini release in 2022, it is the default for EndeavourOS.… Read More »Dracut


Arch-chroot If your machine doesn’t boot caused of a Bootloader or update issue, there is a way to get into your system through the terminal… Read More »Arch-chroot

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FirewallD Some info on FirewallD to read: Official FirewallD Documentation Archwiki entry about FirewallD A beginners Guide into FirewallD on RedHat firewall-cheat-sheet Why EndeavourOS… Read More »FirewallD


Introduction Openbox is a highly configurable and minimal floating window manager. This lets you manage your windows with your mouse the way you would do… Read More »Openbox