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Envy Control

Envy Control EnvyControl is a CLI tool that provides an easy way to switch between GPU modes on Nvidia Optimus systems (i.e laptops with hybrid… Read More »Envy Control


Arch-chroot If your machine doesn’t boot caused of a Bootloader or update issue, there is a way to get into your system through the terminal… Read More »Arch-chroot

FirewallD image/logo


FirewallD Some info on FirewallD to read: Official FirewallD Documentation Archwiki entry about FirewallD A beginners Guide into FirewallD on RedHat firewall-cheat-sheet Why EndeavourOS… Read More »FirewallD

Pulseaudio EndeavourOS is using Pipewire per default up from Atlantis Release, but in case you do not want to use Pipewire, or you need to… Read More »Pulseaudio