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Envy Control

EnvyControl is a CLI tool that provides an easy way to switch between GPU modes on Nvidia Optimus systems (i.e laptops with hybrid Intel + Nvidia or AMD + Nvidia graphics configurations) under Linux.


  • snake Written in Python 3+ for portability and compatibilitypenguin
  • desktop_computer Supports GDM, SDDM and LightDM display managers
  • battery Save battery with integrated graphics mode
  • computer PCI-Express Runtime D3 (RTD3) Power Management support for Turing and later
  • video_game Coolbits support for GPU overclocking
  • fire Fix screen tearing with ForceCompositionPipeline
  • penguinpenguin works for both dracut and mkinitcpio

The tool offers 3 Graphics modes:

Integrated: The integrated Intel or AMD iGPU is used exclusively

Hybrid: Enables PRIME render offloading

Nvidia: The Nvidia dGPU is used exclusively

detailed info here:

You will find an AUR PKGBUILD and can install it over yay:

yay -S envycontrol

to run it use this commandline and check the usage box for options (graphics modes):

sudo envycontrol -s <MODE>


usage: [-h] [-v] [-q] [-s MODE] [--dm DISPLAY_MANAGER] [--force-comp] [--coolbits [VALUE]] [--rtd3 [VALUE]] [--reset-sddm] [--reset] [--verbose]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --version         Output the current version
  -q, --query           Query the current graphics mode
  -s MODE, --switch MODE
                        Switch the graphics mode. Available choices: integrated, hybrid, nvidia
  --dm DISPLAY_MANAGER  Manually specify your Display Manager for Nvidia mode. Available choices: gdm, gdm3, sddm, lightdm
  --force-comp          Enable ForceCompositionPipeline on Nvidia mode
  --coolbits [VALUE]    Enable Coolbits on Nvidia mode. Default if specified: 28
  --rtd3 [VALUE]        Setup PCI-Express Runtime D3 (RTD3) Power Management on Hybrid mode. 
                    Available choices: 0, 1, 2, 3. Default if specified: 2
  --reset-sddm          Restore default Xsetup file
  --reset               Revert changes made by EnvyControl
  --verbose             Enable verbose mode

for detailed help and info on how to use this awesome tool read the detailed wiki at the source:

EnvyControl Frequently-Asked-Questions have also a lot of good information.

Thank’s @VictorBayas at the telegram chat to hint me on his helpful tool perfectly fitting for EndeavourOS indeed!


PyQt5 widget for the EnvyControl, program aimed to provide an easy way to switch GPU modes on Nvidia Optimus systems under Linux.
Widget supports both windowed and system tray mode.


Envy Control