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by joekamprad

On using systemd-boot:

Press e on the boot menu and end to reach end of the bootline sperate with space and add 1.

To boot into rescue shell press enter:

1 stands for Boot into emergency rescue mode (single user mode)

Once booted it will present the following prompt:

Give your root password to enter the system.

If you are using grub and the graphical interface won’t boot up, just restart your machine and follow the next steps:

  • Press e when the grub-boot menu appears.
  • Use the arrow keys to find the line that looks like this:
    linux /vmlinuz=linux root=UUID=...... rw quiet resume=.... (… = long snake of numbers)
  • put right after rw like this:
    rw resume=....
  •  I recommend removing quiet to get more informational output on boot (leave the rest untouched!!!)
  • Press Ctrl+X to boot with this parameter.
  • Now your machine is able to boot up without starting a graphical environment, and you can log in to proceed with repairing the system…

How to boot without a graphical environment

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